Stoneywood Dyce Cricket Club

Stoneywood Dyce Cricket Club - Meet the Club - Andrew McLean

Name: Andrew McLean
Nickname: Andy
Age: 14
Role in team: Batsman / Occasional Wicketkeeper

SDCC hero: Gordon Goudie
 Sporting idol: Scott McTominay

Favourite band / musician: The Stone Roses
Favourite film: Superbad
Favourite TV series: Peaky Blinders

Fun fact about Andy: I write with my left hand but bat and bowl right handed
 Cricket fact about Andy: Had a strike rate of 400 against Fraserburgh
 Proudest moment in a SDCC shirt/to be a SDCC member: Being part of the u13s team that got to Scottish cup finals day.
Proudest moment of your cricketing career: Scoring 20* to beat Shire in Scottish cup in u15s Scottish cup
 Cricketing aims: Win the national league with Stoneywood 1st XI
 Best performance in a SDCC shirt: Scoring 39* and taking a stumping against Huntly in Moray League.

 Teammate with best patter: Ewan Davidson
 Teammate you get on the most with: Jack Lambley
If you could take one shot from anyone at the club, what would it be: Stuart Lister straight drive

Hardest bowler ever faced: Daniel Salmond
Favourite place to play cricket: Mannofield

Predictions for the rest of the season individually and team-wise:
Individually: To score a senior 50
Team wise: Div1 team to get promoted