Stoneywood Dyce Cricket Club

Stoneywood Dyce Cricket Club - Meet the Club - Andrew Rayner

Name: Andrew Rayner
Nickname: Rayner / Rayndog
Age: 26
Occupation: Business Analyst at activpayroll
Role in team: Batting all-rounder

SDCC hero: Colin Moir
Sporting idol: Andrew Flintoff

Favourite band / musician: 30 Seconds to Mars
Favourite film: Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite TV series: Dexter

Fun Fact about Andy: Made about $3000 playing Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game
Cricket Fact about Andy: Took 32 wickets in the 2011 season in Grade 3

Proudest moment in a SDCC shirt/to be a SDCC member: Captaining our 3rd team to promotion from Grade 4 when we were playing with 8/9 players most weeks.

Proudest moment of your cricketing career: Taking 6fer at Arbroath in SPCU Prem
Cricketing career aims: Have fun!

Best performance in a SDCC shirt: 60 odd vs Forfs in SPCU Prem
Teammate with best patter: Martin Reid
Teammate you get on the most with: Ewan Davidson

If you could take one attribute from anyone at the club, what would it be: Garreth's composure and calmness
Hardest bowler ever faced: Jon Blain
Favourite place to play cricket: Forthill

Predictions for the rest of the season individually and team-wise: Individually - get on the board. Team - Grade team to finish top 2 in Grade 1.